OnePlus launches smart tv at 7pm IST in India

OnePlus is all set to launch its smart tv in India today. The company has already confirmed that it will launch three models by today, Oneplus has revealed through a teaser earlier this week. The livestream of hosting will be telecasted through OnePlus India twitter and YouTube accounts.

One plus tv expected price in India:

The pre-bookings have also begun on Amazon platform. You have to pay Rs.1000 as pre-booking amount, which is returned to you when you buy your tv. In addition, you will also get an extended warranty of 2 years with your tv purchase. Through a tweet post, the company has said its expected price of Oneplus smart tv will be from Rs. 1X,999 and will go up to Rs. 4X,999.

Oneplus tv expected specifications:

The upcoming smart TV models are expected to come in three different screen sizes: 32-inch, 43-inch and 55-inch. OnePlus TV will be thinner than OnePlus 8 smartphone. The smart tv will feature an innovation where the speakers are rotated with 90 degree and “50 percent deeper bass” over the competition. Company CEO Pete Lau revealed that upcoming TVs will also sport a carbon fibre pattern at the back that is similar to the Q1 series. He also added that the bottom portion of the television, however, will be wider as it houses all the components of the TV and will house the built-in speakers. and will be capable of connecting 5 devices at a time.

Apart from this, Oneplus is also expected to launch its smartphone called OnePlus Nord which will be priced under $500. It will be available for pre-orders in India shortly.

Enjoy the new innovation.

China discovers new swine flu with “Pandemic potential”

China researchers have discovered a new swine flu which is silently spreading in Chinese pig farms, have started to affect humans in China. A new strain of swine flu is called as G4 virus, has genetically descended from H1N1 swine flu that caused a pandemic in 2009. Researchers said that this does not cause immediate global health threat. In the meantime, it must not be ignored amidst covid-19.

G4 now shows “all the essential hallmarks of a candidate pandemic virus,” said the study, published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). But Dr. Angela Rasmussen, a virologist at Columbia University’s public health school, warned the public not to “freak out.”

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Money is not a justice for human life : Jayaraj and Benicks case

The entire world stood united and demanded justice for African-American Gorge Floyd’s murder due to police brutality. Police brutality is being continued and also has caused lives of father and son duo in Tuticorin, India. A wide protest roars over social media where police brutality has become systematic just like Gorge Floyd’s death.

On June 19, Jayaraj (59) and his son Emmanuel Benicks (31) were arrested after they allegedly had an altercation with Sathanakulam police. While Benicks died at kovilpatti government hospital on the night of June 22 after complaining of chest pain. Jayaraj died at the very next morning after he was suffering from fever.

Jayaraj and Benicks, a father and son duo own a shop in sathanakulam. On June 19, Jayaraj was escorted to the police station, as opening the shop beyond 9pm. Fenix, his son went to the police station and asked to release him. As his father was a patient, he requested to the policemen not to beat up his father wildly. However, police had remanded both in lockup and severely tortured.

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Setbacks of survivor.

“My life is full of problems. When I resolve one, another one comes along. Why is this happening to me? Oh god!” this is how we start to blame.

When we were a kid, playing outdoor games with all of our friends. We get hurt either by aggressive action on the game or when defending ourselves. What do we do?

We get up, see where it got hurt and leave it aside. After getting home, our mother finds it and applies medicine. We don’t care about our wound when we play.

When we grew into an adult, getting hurt during the hot match, don’t count at all. But when we win, the pain of the wound goes away. We let our teammates to enjoy, being unstoppable, tasting the success of the match, applauses of the people. Holding the trophy with full adrenaline that drives you crazy, you feel getting hurt is worth it.

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Payments on Whatsapp are enabled by Facebook pay

After so many talks and trial methods, Fb is set to launch WhatsApp payment system starting from brazil. Whatsapp says in its blog posts- it is fee-free for consumers (no commission fee taken) but businesses take 3.99percent as processing fee – which is to be worked by 6digit pin or fingerprint for making transactions.

Facebook owned messaging app has announced that users in Brazil would be the first to make transactions by way of its WhatsApp messaging app, by using Facebook pay, the fb payment service that launched last year.

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Cancel CBSE 12th exam, parents plea to SC as covid-19 cases increase

June is the month of commencement of next academic year but past academic year examinations itself has not held yet. Class 10th Tamilnadu board had already cancelled their exams and students had been promoted directly to 11th grade. The marks of 10th grade is been calculated based on student’s attendance, and internal assessment. The central board of secondary education (CBSE) had decided to conduct the remaining exams from July 1 to July 15 in almost 15,000 exam centres as against 3,000centres which were used earlier, amidst the increase in cases of covid-19. Raising the concern of safety of lakhs and lakhs of children of those who appear 12th examinations, the parents had filed a plea in supreme court of India.

The plea that is submitted in SC of India, said the virus nowadays is asymptomatic, then the students who appear are put under great risk to their career and their families too. The plea has also said, several educational institutions like IIT has also cancelled their exams, all students passed en bloc to next semester.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will not conduct pending class 10 and 12 examinations in foreign countries. There are several CBSE schools located in 25 countries. Each of these countries are also under lockdown or have decided to close down the schools for various and differential lengths of time. Under such circumstances, it is felt that the board will not be in a position to conduct the exams for each of those countries. Also, it would be difficult to bring the answer books to India for evaluation.
This was said in April month of this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to officials.

“In march, when the cases were too less , everything was shutdown at a stroke of pen. And now when the cases have shot up dramatically and could to be at a peak in July, they want children to come out and sit for exams. This is sheer lacking of planning and consideration towards the health and well being of the future of this country.” Said a parent of two children, one in class 10 and other in class 12th

Politician Anbazhagan passes away who had tested positive for covid-19

Indian politician Anbazhagan passes away, where he tested positive for covid-19. He would have turned 62 today.

Anbazhagan, a DMK MLA, was admitted to hospital on June 2 over “severe acute respiratory distress” and had tested positive for COVID-19 at the time.

In today’s statement, the private hospital said: “The COVID 19 pneumonia rapidly deteriorated early this morning. In spite of full medical support including mechanical ventilation at our COVID facility he succumbed to his illness.”

J. Anbazhagan dies , had tested positive for covid-19

Anbazhagan is the first high profile leader to die of covid-19 in Tamil nadu, India. He was a DMK loyalist and was so bold that he fought till his last breath.

I believe, it’s time for us to think and act accordingly. Prosperity doesn’t accompany in our death bed. Lets pray for our future and stay safe and healthy.

Mars image reminds Zomato of this delicious drink.

What is the most important thing that we missed literally during lockdown? Yes, its food! Hope everyone agrees to it. Though there are means to get food from various restaurant yet, the way we go and stick with our besties or families or with couples has a separate feeling which cannot be matched with any. Yes, I too really miss that!!!

Couple of Years ago, European Space Agency has shared a picture of Mars, reports Huffington Post. And the agency described that the images as two gorgeous pictures of Korolev crater which called an “especially well-preserved example of Martian crater” filled with ice.

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